Panel Upgrades Etna, OH

Power Up Your Appliances

Charge your devices with confidence in Etna, OH and Columbus, OH

You can’t seem to get enough electricity into your Etna or Columbus, OH home. You use power strips and extension cords to get energy to all your devices, and you’re afraid to turn on appliances that use a lot of energy. It sounds like you may be in need of an electrical panel upgrade. Waibel Electric can inspect your panel and assess your electrical usage to determine which panel is right for you. We’ll get the necessary permits, complete the installation and even add outlets where you need them.

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3 signs you need to upgrade your electrical panel

If your electrical usage has steadily increased over the years, it might be time to upgrade your electrical system. Here are a few signs you may be due for an upgrade:

  1. You don’t have enough electrical outlets around your home
  2. Your lights flicker when you’re using other appliances
  3. Your circuit breakers trip on a regular basis

Discuss your electrical usage with Waibel Electric and we’ll help you upgrade to a panel that meets your needs.